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"Heck," Atticus's back was turned. "If this thing's hushed up it'll be a simple denial to Jem of the way I've tried to raise him. Sometimes I think I'm a total failure as a parent, but I'm all they've got. Before Jem looks at anyone else he looks at me, and I've tried to live so I can look squarely back at him. . . if I connived at something like this, frankly I couldn't meet his eye, and the day I can't do that I'll know I've lost him. I don't want to lose him and Scout, because they're all I've got."
--Atticus (366)
"No, I mean I can smell somebody an' tell if they're gonna die. An old lady taught me how. Jean-Lousie-Finch, you are going to die in three days."
-- Dill (48)
This quote has shown me the side of my parents, about how they feel. They only care about me, so I should try to make parenting easier for them. I know that I look up to my parents. But, I don't always show it.

I liked this quote because I thought that it was funny and cute. Dill was messing around with Scout, and I personally love just joking around. This reminds me of something that I would do.
"But what in the sam holy hill did you wait till tonight?"
--Scout (69)
This quote showed me that I can always ask questions, but I never know if I am going to get an answer. Also, there is no such thing as a dumb question.
"You ask him, you're the oldest."
--Scout (85)
This quote reminds me of what I might say to my older brother, it brought back good memories. When we would fight over something because we were too scared to or we just did not want to do it.
"I'll never speak you again as long as I live! I hate you an' despise you an' hope you die tomorrow!"
--Scout (112)
This quote makes me realize that I never liked to be punished for something that I did. I would hate that person for a while and then I would love them again. Almost every child is like that.
"Maybe I can't tell you," said Miss Maudie. "If your father's anything, he's civilized in his heart. Marksmanship's a gift of God, a talent-oh, you have to practice to make it perfect, but shootin's different from playing the piano or the like. I think maybe he put his gun down when he realized that God had given him an unfair advantage over most things. I guess he decided he wouldn't shoot till he had to, and he had to today."
--Miss Maudie (130)
This quote made me realize that you don't always know everything about a person. A person can always surprise you. Also, this quote made me realize that if someone you know doesn't do something that you like, they can always have done something in the past.
"Well I'm gonna be a new kind of clown. I'm gonna stand in the middle of the ring and laugh at the folks. Just looka yonder," he pointed. "Every one of 'em oughta be ridin' broomsticks. Aunt Rachel already does."
--Dill (290)
I find this quote humorous. This really shows me to not believe every word that comes out of someone's mouth. I find this hard though, I believe a lot of things people say.
"Gertrude, I tell you there's nothing more distracting than a sulky darky. Their mouths go down to here. Just ruins your day to have one of 'em in the kitchen. You know what I said to my Sophy, Gertrude? I said,'Sophy' I said, 'you simply are not being a Christian today. Jesus Christ never went around grumpling and complaining,' and you know, it did her good. She took her eyes off that floor and said, 'Nome, Miz Merriweather, Jesus never went around grumbling'.' I tell you, Gertrude, you never ought to let an opportunity go by to witness for the Lord."
--Mrs. Merriweather (310)
This quote showed me to not be grumpy because other people might have it worse than me. I should be happy for what I have and not be mad about the things I do not have. Also, to look at the good things not the bad things.
"Atticus wheeled around. His hands dug into his pockets. "Heck, can't you even try to see it my way? You've got children of you own, but I'm older than you. When mine are grown I'll be an old man if I'm still around, but right now I'm-if they don't trust me they won't trust anybody. Jem and Scout know what happened. If they hear of me saying downtown something different happened-Heck, I won't have them any more. I can't live one way in town and another way in my home."
--Atticus (367)
This quote made me realize what parents go through to raise their child. They want the best for their children. They want to teach their children that the truth is the best way to go.
"When Mr. Tate spoke again his voice was barely audible. "Mr. Finch, I hate to fight you when you're like this. You've been under strain tonight no man should ever have to go through. Why you ain't in the bed from it I don't know, but I do know that for once you haven't been able to put two and two together, and we've got to settle this tonight because tomorrow'll be too late. Bob Ewell's got a kitchen knife in his craw."
--Mr. Tate (368)
This quote made me realize that there are a lot of amazing people out in this world. Some people would do anything to help a friend out. I am that type of person. I would do anything for a family memeber or a friend.
"Mr. Tate stopped pacing. He stopped in front of Atticus, and his back was to us. "I'm not a very good man, sir, but I am sheriff of Maycomb County. Lived in this town all my life an' I'm goin' on forty-three years old. Know everything that's happened here since before I was born. There's a black boy dead for no reason, and the man responsible for it's dead. Let the dead bury the dead."
--Mr. Tate (369)
This quote made me realize that there might such be a thing called karma. And that it can come back around very fast. Karma is not a good thing to some, but to some it is a good thing.
"Well, it'd be sort of like shootin' a mockingbird, wouldn't it?"
--Scout (370)
This quote made me realize that I should not do anything to to harm a wonderful thing.